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Bending of profiles - For the business client

Modern bending machines are quickly set up and allow for precision. Great precision is ensured by calculation guiding equipment, which designates the height, distance, mutual distance and bending strength of limiters. Technology allows for the profile to be given the desired shape.

We offer fast, high quality service in the bending of profiles, according to the wishes of the person who orders.

Technical data

Painutuspink GBM-1380Bending machine: GBM-1380

Three shafted - Æ50 mm
Diameter of rolls - min 180 mm
Bending strength - 2 x 15000 kg
Electric motor - 4 kW


Painutuspink BPR-CPD-100Bending machine: BPR-CPD-100

Three shafted - Æ100 mm         
Diameter of rolls - min 280 mm
Bending strength - 2 x 28000 kg
Electric motor - 5,5 kW


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